Social Marketing

The Societal Marketing Concept puts Human welfare on top before profits and satisfying the wants.

Societal Marketing emphasizes social responsibilities and suggests that to sustain long-term success, the company should develop a marketing strategy to provide value to the customers to maintain and improve both the customers’ and society’s well-being better than the competitors.


What is Societal Marketing?

The societal marketing concept holds that a company should make good marketing decisions by considering consumers’ wants, the company’s requirements, and society’s long-term interests.


History of Societal Marketing Concept

In the 1960s and ’70s, the unethical practices of many companies became public. The concept of Social Marketing surfaced in 1972, a more socially responsible, moral, and ethical model of marketing, countering consumerism. Philip Kotler introduced the concept of social marketing and societal marketing.

The societal marketing concept evolved from older CSR concepts and sustainable development and was implemented by several companies to improve their public image through customer and social welfare activities.

Marketers reassessed the adequacy during the early eighties of the marketing concept as a basic management philosophy. The reasons were the environmental and social conditions such as increased environmental pollution, energy shortages, population boom, neglected social services, hunger and poverty around the globe, and so on.


Our Service Process

  1. To maintain a long-term relationship with customers.
  2. To create a better image in society for the company than its competitors.
  3. To carry out its social responsibilities.
  4. To carry out its social responsibilities.
  5. To increase the consumer base and market share.

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